While still gaining traction with their early 2024 party anthem “When I Wake Up,” renowned Dutch DJ/production duo Lucas & Steve now returns with a whole different gem, sharing one of its most sentimental tunes to date, “End Of Time.” Teaming up with esteemed London-based artist LAWRENT, the guys find themselves in the midst of spring fever, as they share dreamy melodies and subtle, heart warming drops to accompany the emotional outbursts of featured singer Jordan Shaw. A genuine soundtrack for everlasting love, this collab perfectly captures those vibes we all look for, highlighted this spring, as it’s out through Spinnin’ Records.

Having built a solid resume that includes several timeless pop gems, one of dance music’s most treasured duo’s Lucas & Steve is definitely no stranger to the craft of an unadulterated love song. Same goes for up-and-coming French multi-instrumentalist LAWRENT, who’s creative, uplifting songwriting forms the perfect counterpart for Lucas & Steve’s famous bursts of melodic euphoria. 

In essence, “End Of Time” is about undying love. Or, as LAWRENT describes it: “This song is about finding someone that you can love and hold on to, grow together with but never apart, knowing that you got each other even when the world out there gets crazy.”

The guys perfectly paint this picture with warm soundscapes, backing up the touching vocals of singer/songwriter Jordan Shaw, best known for his work with Armin van Buuren, Mike Williams & Felix Jaehn and Punctual. As his efforts gain strength, emotions start running high, emphasized by a chorus that affectively lets him scream out ‘I wanna hold you, till the end of time.’  

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What follows is the melodic equivalent of these overwhelming sentiments, as Lucas & Steve and LAWRENT let the song drop into a series of airy, guitar-sounding hooks, drenched in reverbs while bending the chords here and there to gain maximum emotional impact. Effectively, the tune approaches some of that late 90’s/early zeroes dance pop nostalgia, while keeping the pulse on contemporary songwriting thanks to its characteristic chord progressions and impeccable production style.     

So, what it all boils down to, is how “End Of Time” marks the start of something new. It’s a romance going all the way, backed by a soundtrack that ambitiously builds a bridge between vintage sounds and modern day vibes, all wrapped into a timeless song that will last you a lifetime – or at least the love of your life.