Luca Lush and Oski join forces on their new collab “Gangsta,” a volatile, shapeshifting bass single slated for release on Bassrush Records.

Genres tend to feel more like an afterthought whenever Luca Lusha and Oski hit the studio—or at least that’s the general vibe one might get when they poke around their respective catalogs. The two boundless producers have hopped all around the map musically, covering a plethora of sounds ranging from trap, dubstep, drum & bass, house, electro, techno, and beyond. On their first outing with the Bassrush Records imprint, this rebellious spirit is manifesting to the highest order possible. 

Gangsta” is all about breaking the rules, taking on various incarnations throughout its nearly four-minute run. Starting out with hyped-up vocals and a scampering melody, the frenetic track chronically morphs across various tempos without skipping a step. Punishing laser synths and rapid-fire machine gun samples start to permutate into crunchy shades of dubstep and post-trap. During the breakdown, the main melody motif bounces back into the foreground until a muted low-end and club-style rhythm barges in before giving the floor to a warehouse outro powered by its thumping techno groove. Never knowing where the next note will land is half the fun, resulting in an explosive collaboration that scratches the brain in all the right ways.

Teaming up on their first collab together, Luca Lush and Oski are about to stack up some serious street cred with the strength of their genre-busting single “Gangsta.” 

Luca Lush and Oski’s new single “Gangsta” is available on all platforms via Bassrush Records.

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