Loew is a name that you’ll no doubt have heard mentioned recently. His bootleg of Leftfield ‘Not Forgotten’ and remix of Forgotten Notes ‘Celestial’ both made a real impact and cemented his emerging status. Now, Loew takes another ascending step with his first release on Renaissance with ‘2 Doves 1 Snowball EP’.

What you may not be aware of is this is not Loew’s first outing on Renaissance. He was one half of Montero throughout the noughties, co-producing with Dee on ‘Hairy Hits’, ‘Captain Hook’ and ‘Brazilia’. And his quiet, ‘man behind the throne’ credentials don’t end there; he’s also the current sound engineer on all of Richie Blacker’s stellar output. In short, he’s at the epicenter of Northern Ireland’s hotbed of dance music production; but now, as Loew, is his time to stand alone and shine.

’2 Doves 1 Snowball’ doesn’t just shine, to quote Tyrell it ‘burns very, very brightly indeed’. Comprising 2 tracks, it’s a balance of the modish ‘KnifEdge’ and the cheekily titled ‘2 Doves 1 Snowball’, which takes inspiration from the emotive, formative emergence of the rave scene. “I guess it’s fitting the EP ended up at Renaissance. They were part and parcel of the time and sound ‘2 Doves’ pays homage to. I wanted to musically capture that hairs on the back of the neck feeling with this EP; you know, the moment when you’ve first discovered house music and that one track comes on and the rush with it. It didn’t get its title from just anywhere!”, he admits with a wink and nodding grin.

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Whilst Loew handles 4 out of the 5 mixes on the EP, man of the moment Emanuel Satie who comes in hot following releases on Cocoon and Crosstown. His version of ‘KnifEdge’ is rich in his twisted techno sound and a distinct counterpoint to the broken beat structure of the original. Buy link: https://lnk.to/REN2108D