Luciano Ferreira aka KVSH has been creating gold lately with his high profile shows, own label Lemon Drops and global hit songs like “Sicko Drop” and last year’s gem “Be Someone,” all racking up tens of millions of streams. Now, he’s back with a provocative new club tune, teaming up with fellow Brazilian DJ/producer Reezer for a bass house version of Rhia’s R&B classic “My Neck, My Back.” 

Kicking things off with a sturdy electro beat, the song immediately brings a fresh vibe, enforced by a sweet revamp of those famous vocal lines. When the chorus hits the floor, a strong four-to-the-floor beat accompanies the original’s racy lyrics, catchy as hell as they keep moving on tasty bass lines and synth-heavy chords.

Hot stuff, spiced up by two Brazilian producers on a roll, perfectly knowing their way around these timeless, and surely daring vocals. “My Neck, My Back” is the dreamed reiteration the clubs need this season, be sure to start moving when this baby drops, April 7th on Spinnin’ Records.

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