French based producer KuKs is known for his rare fusion of sounds, rhythm, beats, voices and colors across his productions and his newest release “Watching” challenges the electronic music status quo by breaking the lines between genres. The blend of these elements results in a unique track that is about to take off.

The track flows perfectly from start till the end, with a solid drumwork and a powerful bass line. The vocal samples are creating the required atmosphere for this genre, adding more color and aggressiveness to a heavy and strong instrumental part. The drop part is just insane, bringing a great mix between old and new. Raw, dirty and mean, the perfect sound for a great bass house release is what we have here ladies and gents !

“Watching” will impress you with it’s fresh and addictive sounds, a KuKs trademark i might say. This track comes as a follow up of his previous releases “Alright” , “H Town” and ” A Little Bit More “.

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