Coming from his deathcore background and also being a respected alumni of the well known ICON COLLECTIVE Kilo House entered the bass music world with a different perspective. With his Drop oriented tracks slamming your subwoofers, he will put the fun back into your life that you never knew was missing. Having influences ranging from blink 182 to $uicideBoy$ there is one theme that runs throughout all of his music, FUCK IT AND JUST HAVE FUN.

Kilo House

Kilo House newest release is called “All Day & All Night” and has a strong festival vibe, ready for the festival crowds. Featuring catchy chants, pounding kicks, tribal drops and an bumping energy on the second part, the tune has everything it needs to get the crowds moving. “All Day & All Night” has a great balance between the powerful drive and distortion of the first drop, infused with the tribal percussion and the more euphoric and upbeat second drop.

“All Day & All Night” is able to crack dance floors to the point where they look more like mosaic pieces than something sturdy you can spend entire club nights on. Make sure to stream it bellow:

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