Belgian techno duo Joyhauser is encroaching on the pinnacle of success within the dance music scape. Having announced the forthcoming arrival of their inaugural album In Memoro with the unveiling of its first single Wasted, the pair now shares two more tracks – Liberty and Bassdrone – ahead of the LP’s official release on June 23rd.

The extended player’s title track presents as a powerful techno cut, fueled by unyielding drum patterns and a hearty kick. In true Joyhauser style, we’re treated to a heady melodic riff that drives the cut into rave-ready waters. Ebbing and flowing with ethereal vocal injections, the duo creates a blissful dichotomy of cerebral soundscapes and high-impact rhythms, giving the hammering cut a spacey affection.

Bassdrone is another searing offering that brings forth a raw intensity like no other. As its name suggests, the DJ-oriented hit boasts a meaty bassline that’s both gritty and beautifully twisted. A refrain of flurrying synths ushers in the break, giving us a rapturous moment of reflection before the cut enters its final apex moments.

Presenting as a full-length, 12-track album, In Memoro marks a seminal point in the Belgian act’s career. Having delivered a steady stream of hit records for the underground community, the pair’s debut LP will showcase their production efforts on the global stage, whilst expanding upon their flourishing discography in conceptual style. Representing some of their most daring and progressive opuses to date, In Memoro’s collection of tracks give us a more realised impression of the duo’s unrelenting creativity and ability to not only create peak-time worthy records, but also to produce with ‘the journey’ in mind. Clocking countless studio hours over the past three years, Joyhauser’s upcoming album is a record that has been eagerly awaited by the modern audience for some time, and it doesn’t fail to deliver.

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Joyhauser – Liberty (EP) is out now via Terminal M