In a surprising yet highly effective teamup, Australian artists Joel Fletcher and Orkestrated have delivered a raving new take on Italian folk classic “Tarantella” Employing the comedic skits of fellow countrymen Sooshi Mango, the song works up a nice blend of cheerful melodics and quirky vocals with raw electronic sounds, aiming directly at the festival crowds (and wedding parties) this summer. Such a peaktime tune, sure to get the celebration in full frenzy, out now on Spinnin’ Records.

Joel Fletcher counts as one of Australia’s most renowned dance acts. Making his way from the Melbourne club scene in the early 10’s, he’s worked up a discography of both underground and commercial hits. Known for his eccentric and cutting edge take on electronic music, this led to a wide range of unique records, including recent hits like “Tromba,” “The Bender” and last year’s smash “LET’S TROT!” Following a similar trail, Orkestrated has created a niche of its own with its variations between deep and upwinding grooves. From their 2013 claim to fame “Melbourne Bounce” to 2020’s “Get Me Out” to last year’s hit “Vamos,” the duo continues to stay close to its club roots, while also looking for other surprising elements to keep things fresh with every new release.

In effect, Orkestrated recently picked up on another gem. While watching a video of an Italian wedding, the guys were immediately struck by the infectious rhythm and melody of the song that was played, Italian folk classic “Tarantella.” Eager to mix this tune with some modern day beats, they called in Joel Fletcher for a next level electronic production, while also asking the guys from Sooshi Mango, a massively popular Australian comedic outfit, to create some of their typical vocal skits.

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The result is one of the most cheerful and upbeat tunes you’ll hear this year. “Tarantella” is revamped with traditional instruments playing the original’s classic melody, backed this time by a sturdy four-to-the-floor beat and bouncy bass chords, while chanting vocals further ignite the energy. As the song breaks down, you’ll hear the Sooshi Mango characters provide an airy mood of fun, friendship and celebration.“We’ve always been huge Sooshi Mango fans and felt that a unique blend of humor and music would be the perfect match for this track”, says Orkestrated, taking a timeless tune to this season’s mainstages, courtesy of their and Joel Fletcher’s brilliant production. And yes, you’ll be defenseless when this fresh round of “Tarantella” hits the floor – from wedding to festival, the party is on.