In a next inventive twist of 90’s nostalgia, Dutch house maestro Joe Stone teams up with up-and-coming UK producer Brad Pearce for the lively club tune “Nothing But A Party.” The guys know their way around hidden gems, as they cleverly sample the eponymous early 90’s tune by Basic Black, this time employing the sultry R&B chorus into a blazing house groove. It’s a sweet dose of feelgood energy unleashed here, letting Joe Stone’s seasoned production style go all the way, perfectly transmitting those classic sounds into a contemporary DJ weapon – out now on Spinnin’ Records.

With a running discography made up of hit after hit, Joe Stone has put himself forward as one of the most promising talents in dance music today. From his 2015 debut single “The Party (This Is How We Do It)” (featuring none other than Montell Jordan) to hits like “Is It Really Love,” “Freak” and last 2021’s Jack Wins collab “Light Up My Life” (revamping a classic Madonna song, with approval by the Queen of Pop herself), all brought dance floor magic and tens of millions of streams.

It proved Joe Stone makes the most of every opportunity to highlight his musical talents and production mastery. Which makes his teamup with Brad Pearce the more interesting, a young UK producer who’s only recently been picked up by music labels, making an impression with his home productions.

He’s a new kid on the block, making moves with fresh house sounds that are about to see official release this year – now already providing a glimpse of his talent with this much anticipated Joe Stone collab. “Nothing But A Party” surely says it all, as both producers find common ground sparking up some sweet 90’s nostalgia. Built around the eponymous song by early 90’s R&B act Basic Black, the original’s soul drenched vocals are taken to new heights on waves of clubby chords, subtle strings and fierce, oldschool house beats.

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It’s the sound Joe Stone is loved and praised for, always sure to light up the party with his upbeat grooves, reminiscing the heyday of club house music with the most catchy and surprising samples.  “Nothing But A Party” works that magic to full extent, in the meantime introducing an upcoming protagonist of this indestructible genre – Brad Pearce is definitely going places, and you’re the first to witness his claim to fame.