You’re not ready for this! Get ready to hit the replay button because INNA brings the summer closer and closer and it’s ready to blow your mind with this impressive collaboration for “Stuck In Limbo” with VINAI and jayover.

This electrifying collaboration between the renowned artists INNA, VINAI, and jayover is set to dominate the dance floors all summer long, weaving a tale of confusion and uncertainty through its infectious rhythms and hypnotic melodies. The track kicks off with a vibrant, pulsating beat that immediately grabs the listener’s attention. The energy is infectious, setting the perfect foundation for a dancefloor masterpiece.

INNA’s distinctive vocals soar above the music, delivering the opening lines that perfectly capture the essence of being caught in a perplexing situation. The song, an impressive remake of the smashing hit “Piano in the Dark” by Brenda Russell, was written by Brenda Russell, Scott Cutler, Jeff Hull, Ida Botten, Molly Irvine, Giacomo Uber, and produced by VINAI, Giacomo Uber, Andy Dust.

“Can’t wait for “Stuck In Limbo” to take over the clubs and festivals”, said INNA.

“We are very happy and honored to have collaborated with INNA on this record. It’s a very special one for us”, said VINAI.

“Had so much fun collaborating with INNA and VINAI for this one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!”, said jayover.

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