UK house producer and DJ Gavin_P has already made a sizzling start to the summer with his acclaimed double A-Side By My Side / Back Then, supported by electronic music legends such as Roger Sanchez, Benny Benassi, Chris Lake, Paco Osuna, and Chris Fortier. And now, he’s back with yet another summer slammer, I Can’t Do This, available August 18th on Street Tracks.

I Can’t Do This is a deep house cut that starts strongly: A single F-minor chord rings out on the piano, pushing the bass kick and hi-hat into gear. A pulsating, stripped down bassline joins in the next bar, coupled with soaring, melancholy synths. Then everything washes away, apart from that bassline, to prepare you for the soulful vocal line. “On my mind/ Don’t know why you’ve been on my mind for days / Don’t try to lie / Tell me where you’ve been all the nights…”


From here, I Can’t Do This pulls you into the sordid story of a woman scorned by her deceitful partner. As the passion within her voice grows, so do the synths as they wash in and out of the fade.

Gavin_P explains: I Can’t Do This dives deep into a tangled web of modern love, navigating themes of trust, betrayal, and the unyielding spirit of resilience. Filled with mesmerising melodies and soul-stirring lyrics, it crafts a powerful portrait of emotional chaos and the relentless pursuit of redemption.

Judging by initial reaction, this is going to be the third huge track by Gavin_P this summer. Expect to hear it everywhere from northern nightclubs to Balearic beaches, and for his already very impressive list of supporters to keep growing.

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