Huge new SIZE Records release out now: the HIISAK Remix of “Not So Dirty,” the iconic track originally produced by Steve Angello under his alias Who’s Who?!. Set to electrify the house music scene, this high-energy remix breathes new life into a beloved SIZE classic released in 2005, showcasing HIISAK’s mastery in crafting dynamic house records.

Since its premieres by Steve Angello at Tomorrowland Winter 2023 and during SIZE XX at Tomorrowland Belgium 2023 – Freedom Stage  anticipation has built for the official release of this powerhouse remix. 

HIISAK, known for his vibrant productions and ready to start touring around Indonesia and Asia in Spring 2024, transforms “Not So Dirty” into an even more exhilarating anthem, amplifying the original’s energy with his signature house flair. This remix not only pays homage to the legacy of Who’s Who? but also propels it into the contemporary dance music landscape, promising to be a staple in DJ sets and playlists alike.

Listen and download this remix here:

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