In a latin-flavored blast from the past, acclaimed DJ/producer HÄWK has revived a hidden gem from the 60’s to create a sultry 2023 summer anthem. “Cha Cha Cha Della Segrataria” is actually shaped around the original song by fellow Italian singer Michelino, in this fresh guise embedded in a punchy house beat, featuring sharp percussion and warm deep house vibes – making this tune the hot blooded crowdpleaser for any beach party, out now on Spinnin’ Records.

Riccardo Falconelli aka HÄWK has turned into a steady force in recent years, producing some floor favorites as he shaped his sound into a mix of club and tech house vibes with world famed hooks from pop, hip hop and R&B. Last year, he reached a definite milestone, garnering widespread DJ support and millions of streams with hit tunes “No Diggity” and a popular remix of Disco Fries tune “Family Affair.” Not coincidentally, these tracks both saw him team up with fellow Italian artist BEYGE, known for his deep explorations of tech house music. Earlier this year, the guys dropped another collab, this time employing some lustful lyrics from Shaggy classic “Hey Sexy Lady” to create a feverish summer club hit in the best tech house style.

“Cha Cha Cha Della Segretaria” sees HÄWK continue on this sensual vibe, building a tasty groove around a legendary song. Originally a cha cha cha record by Mexican conductor Pepe Luis, which made him and the music genre famous in the 50’s, the song was covered in 1960 by Italian singer Michelino, who turned it into a big hit and was consequently crowned ‘the Italian father of cha cha cha’. Now, while many generations have passed, the song still rings a bell with many Italians. It’s a distinct adaptation of the popular Cuban music style, emerging once again in the capable hands of Italian tastemaker HÄWK.

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In this new version, the DJ/producer honors the sounds and melodies of Michelino’s original, letting the titillating piano chords and horns work their magic across a catchy house groove, deep and tech inspired. Embedded into this infectious rhythmic vibe, you hear Michelino’s vocals, still as lively and affective as they did in those early 60’s, making this the ultimate blend of oldschool Italian allure with contemporary club music, delivered by a producer who knows his way around these kind of classics. What you hear is an indestructible tune, brought back to life with some 21st century production and energy. The vocals and melodies still do the job marvelously, sure to get cheers from any club crowd, as they will recognize the timeless appeal of this charming song, while getting their kicks on a rousing beat – be sure to get your cha cha cha’s out!