You have now been in the electronic music business for over 16 years. From your point of view, what has changed the most since you started?

The industry’s landscape has undergone multiple overhauls in the last 10-20 years. Musically, the evolution of electronic music has led to increased interest in not only listening but in production. The access to production tools and fresh music has inspired an entire generation to dive into the scene. 

Furthermore, the capabilities of music production tools have advanced greatly, rapidly, and with direct purpose. Today, the electronic music scene is populated not only with legends and classics but also with a constant stream of new artists and their endeavors, fueling the rapid evolution and electronic music into the wonderful content we currently enjoy.

Why did you decide to change your artist name, how is renewing your brand a step forward for you?

My original artist name was a representation of who I was and what I found to be important. Previously, my take on uniqueness was founded in against-the-grain style branding, with the goal of attracting thought-provoking attention. 

Renewing my brand has been a process of renewing myself. Recently, I’ve undergone major changes in lifestyle and philosophy that led to questioning what values I truly hold dear. 

My previous brand was not a representation of who I currently am. It was an important step to transition from niche ideas to a focused, more serious approach that incorporates a new outlook on life in general. This transition also represents my reinvigorated commitment and dedication to the electronic music industry, my work, and the principles of electronic music.

How did you manage to create your identity, your uniqueness?

With all these new artists and production tools, becoming unique is no easy task. My artist persona is directly related to my true personality. While this isn’t inherently unique, I believe that my productions and performances do speak for themselves. 

I created my identity by combining promotional trends with simply put, myself. Everything is in the open. My heart is on my sleeve. I believe that is a rare thing to see nowadays, with every artist vying for attention it seems to have led to many choosing the path of separating their artist persona from their true self.

How would you describe your signature sound?

Detroit vs Chicago is the best way to envision my style. I grew up in the Midwest, taking heavy influence from artists from both cities. Whether rolling bass elements, sizzling hi-hats, or chopped and screwed vocals, my sound is percussion centric.

Can you tell us something about your creative producing process? Do you have some fixations or habits during this process?

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The creative process is a real treat for me. It allows me to unleash my mind without restriction or hinderance. When I find myself in the zone I focus on two things: keeping my body moving, and pouring my emotions into the production.  

Working in bursts of energy has always been my writing style. During these bursts, which last for days at a time, I rarely rest.

What is your motivation and what drives you to pursue your musical projects? 

My passion for music comes from my passion for life. Living to the fullest extent and pursuing happiness is important to anyone, and I’ve fully embraced this approach. Why hold back, when this feeling can be shared with everyone?

Do you still have goals, dreams to achieve?

Playing at Space Ibiza would be killer. 

Ha, but seriously. My dreams used to be a fantasy. I truly believed that I may never experience the world of music in the way I currently am: producing, performing, enriching. 

Becoming a festival circuit staple is an immediate goal for me. The vibe at such shows is wonderful and unmatched in intensity. Being a regular performer at these productions is an aspiration for the ages in my mind. 

Ultimately, I want to share everything that I have to offer, musically and personally, and hopefully bring joy and happiness to those around me.

You have many sets up to date. If you had to remember just one from your career, which one would it be?

Wow, I love this. September 23rd, 2012 is the set that changed everything for me. I was performing live at an edition of Konkrete Jungle in Ohio when an epiphany hit me. I was vibing with the crowd on a new level that I had never experienced. It was as if I could feel their emotions with mine. Such an incredible feeling and it has inspired me to this day to constantly connect with listeners on a deep and sensual level.

What’s next for you? Can you tell us more about your next projects?

Coming up this November is my first EP, “Electric City.” The project is an exploration of my ideals and values, conveyed sonically as a journey through a music utopia. I’ll be out promoting, playing, and vibing “Electric City” this upcoming winter, and perhaps I’ll be coming to your neighborhood soon! 

A full album is on the way, with an impending release in the upcoming season. 

You can follow me on social media for more info, content, and updates regarding my newest projects.