Fully Focus and Sofiya Nzau ignite a musical change with their latest offering, ‘Mwanake’. Following the explosive success of ‘Mwaki’, the duo unveils the lead single from Fully Focus‘s visionary EP, ‘Kikuyu House’. This EP represents a bold leap forward in musical innovation as Fully Focus seamlessly merges traditional Kikuyu melodies with the pulsating rhythms of house music, creating a genre-defying sound destined to captivate audiences worldwide.

‘Mwanake’, the EP’s lead track, epitomizes this fusion of genres. Fully Focus and Sofiya Nzau expertly blend the timeless allure of Kikuyu music with the contemporary vibe of house beats, paying homage to Kenya’s rich musical heritage while pushing the boundaries of sonic experimentation. The song’s emotive storytelling, centered around unexpected love, resonates universally, transcending cultural barriers and uniting listeners in its infectious groove.

In discussing the release, Fully Focus underscores the significance of ‘Mwanake’ within the larger ‘Kikuyu House’ project. He emphasizes his commitment to preserving Kikuyu culture while presenting it in a format that resonates with today’s global audience. For Sofiya Nzau, collaborating on ‘Mwanake’ was a transformative experience, blending tradition and innovation to create a musical masterpiece that speaks to the heart of listeners around the world.

With ‘Mwanake’ now available for streaming on all major platforms, audiences are invited to immerse themselves in the groundbreaking sound of ‘Kikuyu House’. Listen here: https://music.empi.re/kikuyuhouse

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