Legendary Istanbul DJ/producer Volkan Uca presents an invigorating new take on one of Turkey’s biggest dance tunes recently, “I Can’t Be.” Originally released in 2017 by fellow Turkish producer Hakan Akkus, the record has remained a deep house favorite till this day, with its feverish vocals, exotic melodies and various remixes still sparking excitement, while the tune has also been trending on TikTok for quite some time. In this fresh Volkan Uca remix, the song enters a whole new chapter, adding crisp beats and sturdy tech vibes – out now on Spinnin’ Records.

“I Can’t Be” surely counts as Hakan Akkus’ burst to fame. His first official release, the record quickly turned into a modern day dance classic, laying down moody deep house beats, characteristic Turkish melodics and smooth, almost whispered vocal lines. 

It’s remained a club favorite in the five years that followed, trending on TikTok for quite some time, while also making waves in various remixes. The version by Drop-G & Regard alone already turned into a hit of its own, by now counting over 53 million views on YouTube, as well as almost 5 million streams on Spotify. 

As it goes with classics, this is a tune that keeps on giving. From club floors in the Middle-East to Ibiza and European festival grounds, as well as breathing life into more than 150.000 creations on TikTok, you’ll continuously see “I Can’t Be” emerge in a surprisingly new setting. Volkan Uca isn’t the least to add an exciting next chapter to this record. A widely acclaimed DJ/producer since the early zeroes, he’s been at the center of the Turkish electronic music community ever since, dropping several club hits along the way, including his well known piece “Istanbul,” blending sentimental Turkish sounds with a contemporary house groove.

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In every way, he was destined to remix “I Can’t Be”, adding a thrilling vibe to the original’s melancholic, Turkish styled mood. As the vocals remain deep and mystic, the beat is emphasized with a spur of tech house energy, strong and punchy with raw basslines and pulsating chords. These are nicely countered by a delicate breakdown, reminiscing the exotic elements of the original, taking the mood to uplifting before unleashing that powerful beat again. Here’s how it’s done, taking an instant classic to new heights, delivered by a seasoned tastemaker who knows his way around Turkish vibes. “I Can’t Be” is fresh and ready for its next round on the floor.