Straight from Mexico we bring you today an amazing young talent, fob.  Born in Mexico City, Mexico, Franco began producing his own music at a very young age and has proven to be a unique, fast-growing producer. He has collaborated with artists such as Max Vangeli, Houndtrack, Jaime Deraz, and more, as well as proving his worth as one of the most versatile, and promising producers in Mexico.

His debut album “Radiant”, which has been in the works for the past couple of years, was recently released and will take us into his world, one that we are very excited to discover. fob describes it as a “very personal album which will give the listeners the opportunity to enter my head and invite them to explore my world”.


The album is created on the basis of connecting with people through music, seeking to promote creativity and peace of mind. One of tracks that really stand out from this nevertheless , really big album, is “Be Alright”, with Jaime Deraz.

Great combo here friends, amazing vocals and a brilliant musical story, which will make you play this sublime release again and again. Everything flows perfectly from start till the end, with good energy and amazing guitar interventions, reminds us about the summer and sun and beach, damn i already miss summer !

The song delivers a captivating blend of harmonies and organic melodies that let vocals shine, building into a soft dance/future bass drop that will have your heart soaring. Whether you’re a fan of dance, future bass or anything in between, this tune will hit you in the feels and leave you wanting to hear the rest of fob‘s album. Hit that play button and tell me that I’m wrong!

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