Reviving one of the biggest early zeroes dance tunes, Firebeatz returns with a high energy, pitched up version of “Shined On Me.” Centered around the vocals of the eponymous 2004 hit by Praise Cats, this new guise features a series of snappy beats, and a catchy, pulsating bassline alongside oldschool arpeggiated synths. It’s a classic reborn, adopting those feelgood vibes from back in the day into a burst of contemporary disco house energy – out now on Spinnin’ Records.

Firebeatz knows its way around dance classics. Ever since the Dutch duo dropped its first tunes in the early 10’s, they’ve been wowing audiences with a string of timeless festival anthems. Since then, they’ve continued to evolve their sound, exploring everything from big room and electro house to pop and disco styled tunes, always looking for new ways to surprise and rock their global audience. 

Recently, the duo successfully revamped its famed big room and electro house sound, delivering some straightforward festival tunes in the shape of 2022 hit “Lose My Sh!t” and this year’s “California, ”The Party” and “Superfreak.”

Now, following an incredible summer, Firebeatz captures the season’s feelgood vibe with an incredible blast from the past. “Shined On Me” sets off with the famous vocals of the eponymous 2004 house classic by Praise Cats, while replacing the original’s funky elements with an upbeat disco beat and pitched up bass chords.

It’s these rhythmic finds taking this tune to fresh, contemporary grounds. Firebeatz clearly brings its acclaimed, seasoned production sound into the game, working up those catchy piano chords along with vintage break beats and oldschool pulsating synths, turning an indestructible house classic into a brand new 2023 DJ weapon.

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Early support has already proven this tune’s worth, gaining recognition from many artists, including Tiësto, Afrojack, Timmy Trumpet, Lucas & Steve, Blasterjaxx and many more. Now, it’s officially out to shine its bright new light on you – feel the heat as Firebeatz grabs hold (again) of the floor!  

“It’s that old summer feeling wrapped in today’s sound, making you long for this year’s festival season, but also the summer from 20 years ago, when this original tune was released. In any case, “Shined On Me” will probably spark up some joy and recognition for different generations of dance music lovers!”  – Firebeatz