Fedde Le Grand unveils “Elektro,” a kinetic masterpiece blending electrifying synths, domineering basslines, and a tantalizing vocal drizzle that layers on the intrigue. Featuring an exhilarating topline that injects new life into the production, the track pulsates with vibrating energy. 

A nod to classic European electro house, the drop showcases Fedde’s signature production style, stirring both nostalgia and excitement. Amplified by a euphoric four-on-the-floor rhythm and infectious hi-hats, “Elektro” stands as a dancefloor dynamo, primed to electrify both clubs and warehouses with its boundless verve.

“I feel honored and blessed that I was able to give this absolute classic new life. And hope it brings as much joy to the dance floor as it has given me playing and dancing to it” Fedde Le Grand says.

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