We teamed up with Label Radar and Ensis Records for a new remix contest. There are no genre restrictions, as long you will work in the electronic dance music spectrum, so no rock, pop, country, jazz etc. The winners will be picked up by Ensis A&R and Abov and they will have an official release in 2024.Feel free to change the original BPM of the vocals, cut them or use just part of them, play with them, use your imagination and don’t be stuck on a certain “trending”genre. You have more than 45 days to work it and send it over, so TAKE YOUR TIME in remixing it. We won’t sign the fastest received remix demos, but the ones with quality in them.

The track chosen is “Somebody Like Me ” by Abov & Jaime Deraz.

So this is basically what you need to do:

Follow this link and download the vocal stems: https://ensis.lnk.to/SomebodylikeMe

Once your remix is finished, submit it via Label Radar page here: https://www.labelradar.com/opportunities/Somebodylikeme/portal

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