In one masterful moment, DJ Sammy created music history when he released the electronic music version of Bryan Adams’ timeless classic „Heaven“. The iconic DJ created an all-time classic track and captured the mood of the entire worldwide music-adoring public. Released in 2002 DJ Sammy’s track is arguably one of the most recognizable dance tracks of all time and to this day can be heard on the radio and at festivals worldwide 20 years later.

The Spanish DJ and musical mastermind has chosen to reinvigorate a track from his international breakthrough year and release it for the pleasure of a new generation’s ears. Angie Stone’s „Wish I Didn’t Miss You“ dance track has true potential to be turned into an all-time classic dance track, courtesy of the US and UK #1 hot track producer, DJ Mag Top 100 artist DJ Sammy.


American soul singer Angie Stone first released „Wish I Didn’t Miss You“ way back in 2002, an incredible 20 years ago. Her unforgettably beautiful track was written for her second studio album „Mahogany Soul“ and features a sample from another timeless classic, O’Jay’s 1972 record „Back Stabbers“. The track was brought firmly back into public consciousness and onto the international club scene on October 3, 2016, when DJ icon Carl Cox played the outstanding number as the last song of his legendary Space set in Ibiza. In a moment of fateful inspiration, DJ Sammy was also at Space Ibiza that night, and unable to get the track out of his head has been slowly molding his personal version of the timeless classic ever since.

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One of the most easily recognized DJs and producers worldwide, DJ Sammy was one of the first DJs to bring dance music to the mainstream. With more than 20 million records sold and multiple awards, the global player continues to be one of the most successful electronic music artists working today. His 2001 worldwide breakthrough „Heaven“ smashed records around the world. The track sold two million records in Europe and Australia and peaked at number two on the UK Billboards HOT 100 in the US, before landing at the top of the UK charts in 2002. In addition to topping charts on multiple continents, countless TV appearances, and worldwide awards, DJ Sammy was also included in the renowned DJ Mag Top 100 DJ ranking (2005 #92, 2006 #61). DJ Sammy’s new unforgettable track „Wish I Didn’t Miss You“ is now out on MyClubroom Recordings. Stream/Download link: