This Set is DJ (((NYC))) NEW 35 min Demo Set for ANTS: NEXT GEN  (IBIZA UNDERGROUND Contest). 

With this DEMO Set of 14 NEW Tracks, and every single track is on fire!Saying this set is high energy is an understatement! 

I’ve listened to this set several times and what a ride, it hits hard and just when you think you may get a break (NOPE!) the Bangers just keep coming! This 35 Minutes set is pure energy from the opening track to the final track. It’s hard to even imagine trying to sit down while these bangers come one right after another!  

This set is like an epic journey of sound, the way the transitions come in are so smooth and precise, some of his drops are shocking, and the way he makes you anticipate the drop is such a beautiful gift. Overall I have to say DJ (((NYC))) has outdone himself with this NEW Set!   

I hope you have your dancing shoes on when you listen to this set  ANTS: NEXT GEN  Mix by DJ (((NYC)))  & like he said in our interview (Warning driving while listening to this set may cause you to speed!)   

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