At first you barely hear it. Almost imperceptible, like a faint heartbeat under thundering drums and relentless rhythms. But you know it’s there. You can feel it. Then suddenly, two of the most recognisable notes in dance music history burst through in all their brilliance, demanding that a new generation of fans lose their sh*t on the dance floor.

The track in question is Tiësto’s seminal masterpiece ‘Traffic’, the rework is by Techno star DIØN, and what’s about to drop is a hard dance cover for the absolute ages.

DIØN spoke about the significance the original single holds for him: It was one of my first encounters with (electronic music). When I was really young my dad would pick me and my brother up from my grandmother who was watching us after school when my parents had to work. My dad always had this Tiësto CD playing in his car with this track ‘Traffic’ on it, and we would listen to it almost every time he picked us up. I never could have imagined that I would be doing a rework for this track.” 

When it came to the production, DIØN knew how vital it was to walk the line between authenticity to both the original version, and his own, trademark style. “For me Tiësto is a real legend and this is my favourite track of his. I had to make something that would stick close to the original sound but also a track that I could play in my sets and have my own elements in it like signature drums and acid. My sold-out 10-hour set in Thuishaven in June was the first time I played it out and it went absolutely crazy, I saw the hole crowd just living in the moment of it, especially in the long and uplifting break. I’m very happy how it turned out.”

Weaving unforgiving ripsaw synths, depth-charged basslines, hardcore percussion and squelching, rave-style FX around Tiësto’s iconic two-note riff like some sort of musical tornado, DIØN takes the original BPM and throws it out of the window without apology. His cover lands firmly in the heart of the hard dance arena, making it entirely appropriate that the track has just been named the official anthem for the Verknipt ArenA 2024 show in Amsterdam this summer, released on Verknipt Records.

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DIØN’s association with Verknipt has grown since the celebrated Dutch event gave their ADE stage to the youngster back in 2021. Delivering an explosive set that made the establishment sit up and pay attention, DIØN is now an integral part of the Verknipt family, headlining for them at shows around the world as they expand their global reach.

DIØN’s rework of Tiësto’s ‘Traffic’ is a testament to his deep respect for electronic music history and his innovative approach to hard techno,” said Verknipt founder Mer Hajbarati. “By blending the iconic elements of the original with his signature hard-hitting style, DIØN has crafted a track that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly modern. This cover captures the essence of what the mission of Verknipt Records stands for – to champion the hard dance genres by providing an immersive platform for emerging and established artists. Our relationship with DIØN goes way back and we’ve grown together over the years, that’s why we can’t wait for him to play this track at the ArenA show, especially since it’s the anthem of the event.”