Further elaborating on their by now notorious future rave sound, David Guetta and MORTEN join forces with burgeoning Spanish duo Prophecy for the brawny new single “Kill The Vibe.” Built around  punchy techno kicks, greasy percussion and a tempting clubby mood, the guys unleash a raw groove to accompany cool, chilled out vocals, clearly getting things ready for an exciting night out, begging you to not kill the vibe.

It’s a fresh step into future rave’s continuous evolution. David Guetta and MORTEN have created a whole new monster with their self-coined festival sound, blending genres like techno, progressive and big room into a captivating style for today’s mainstages. 

Add to this the deeper vibes of Prophecy, coming into their own more and more with a series of popular club tunes. Hitting an apex last year with the massively popular Crusy collab “Pills,” the guys have seen widespread support from the likes of Tiësto, Fatboy Slim, Camelphat, Joris Voorn, Vintage Culture, and David Guetta, who was eager to join forces with these young bucks. 

“Kill The Vibe” perfectly captures the club fueled Prophecy sound into the mesmerizing future rave production style. As the song breaks down into housey melodics, the vocals, characterized by chilled spoken words celebrating a hedonistic party lifestyle, draw the crowd deeper onto the floor, making the drop into those raw kickdrums the more satisfying.  This is how you rock the floor. If anything, “Kill The Vibe” proves the enduring effectivity of future rave, as the Guetta/MORTEN project continues to implement new styles, ultimately blowing away today’s crowds with unexpected and highly energetic fresh tunes. As long as you don’t kill the vibe, this track proves once again you’ll have a hell of a ride with their ongoing adventure. 

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