Delivering a fabulous blast from the past, Dutch club favorite Dastic releases his new single “Out Of Time” on waves of feelgood 80’s lyrics. Set amidst a radiant, inventive sound production, harboring elements from pop and deep house, the song makes further impression with hooks from Hall & Oats’ timeless hit “Out Of Touch,” bringing the emotionally charged vocals back to life in a whole new, 21st century guise. Dastic proves himself a capable pinch hitter here, offering a spark of nostalgia while keeping close to contemporary electronic vibes – out now on Spinnin’ Records.

Dastic has a gift for creating attention-grabbing sounds, going strong ever since his rise to fame during the mid-10’s. Throughout his career, the Dutch DJ/producer continuously dropped genre defining tunes, including massive hits like “Kylie” and “You & I” (both collabs with Mike Williams), “Tequila” and last year’s Sick Individuals teamup “I’ll Be There”, all scoring tens of millions of streams.

His taste for expressive yet crowdpleasing tunes has also translated to the stage, where Dastic knows how to fire up the party. With his ever palpable energy, he’s managed to conquer festival stages all over the globe, including Mysteryland and Parookaville, while also embarking on multiple tours in Indonesia, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, Oman, Peru and all across Europe. 

Now, as 2023’s summer season is in full motion, Dastic presents one of his show’s destined highlights. “Out Of Time” aptly combines the artist’s love for deep, intricate grooves and strong, indestructible pop hooks, making sure the festival crowd will instantly catch his infectious vibe.

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Set in motion by a fresh adaptation of Hall & Oats’ famous 1984 hit “Out Of Touch,” the lyrics are quickly backed by warm synths and a sultry deep house rhythm. As this groove gains strength, the vocal leads towards the famous chorus lines, dropping into a steady beat, catchy and sentimental, perfecting the melancholic vibe Dastic is clearly aiming for.

Having covered his tracks throughout the years, Dastic knows how to execute such a touching tune, presenting brisk, notable layers of sound across the song. Moving from moody bass tones and punchy percussion to heart warming melodics and radiant vocals, “Out Of Time” brings it all together in true Dastic style.