Berlin-based Producer & DJ DASCO has been turning heads recently. Her punchy acid house single Get High With Me was the debut release on her very own label Bisexuality Exists which went down a storm last summer. Additionally, DASCO released her Powerful Woman EP on Shall Not Fade earlier this year to a fantastic press and DJ reaction. Now, DASCO is back with yet another fantastic feel-good floor filler, Feel My Love, the second single on Bisexuality Exists out 3rd August.

Feel My Love starts with a wicked breakbeat, grabbing you from the very first bar, matched perfectly with a seven-note-teaser of main synth hook. Nine bars in and the full majesty of the UK-rave-fuelled hook enters the fray. If somehow your feet weren’t already moving, they certainly will be now. All this paves the way perfectly for DASCO’s sultry vocal Can you feel my love?’ repeated mantra-style, directly to you.


From here, Feel My Love continually evolves, keeping you listening, Dreamy synths ebb and flow over the hook, as DASCO beckons you further in: “Feel it” …and you do, as the drum attack builds, scampering like a cat on a hot tin roof, before the most brilliant drop at 2:53. Are your hands in the air yet? They should be. Glorious acid tweaking synths take you even further into pure 90’s acid house bliss. Classic yet contemporary, full of boundless positivity throughout, Feel My Love will leave you yearning for more.DASCO explains further: “Feel My Love is about listening to your intuition, letting go of the ego and following the power of love which in the end will always win.” A beautiful sentiment from one of house music’s most optimistic, honest, good vibe producers out there.

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