French producer Darlyn Vlys returns to TAU with his latest outing, Return From Delta EP – a collection of four tracks that further cement his reputation for classy synthwave-inspired dance floor artillery.

Darlyn is based in Valencia, where he is always deeply immersed in his audio lab, concocting new and unique ways to express his creativity. In 2021 he dropped the Doble Impacto EP, and now he’s back to bring us more synthesised freshness as only he can do.

We enter with the title cut, oozing emotive energy and maintaining that TAU ethos of future-vintage. A bright, shimmering riff forms the core of this track, penetrating deep into your emotional centre while the beats are punchy and the retro sheen utterly irresistible. 

Darlyn Vlys

Fifth Wave follows up with a more serious tone, though still very much rooted in captivating the dance floor. Once it really gets going, a beautifully composed melody drifts in and transports us to a place of warmth and joy. One of Darlyn’s key skills is to tell stories with his music and truly take you on a journey, which he does with panache on this cut. 

Then we have Gerónimo, which utilises a classic entrancing disco-esque undulating bassline. Layers of synth and a myriad vocal clips unify to produce a stirring atmosphere that will have you gripped throughout. Wait for the uplifting second half, when the vocals are unveiled in full. Magic!

Closing out this release is Umbrella Man, which feels more experimental and heady. Darlyn incorporates guitars, soothing vocals and a hypnotic bassline to create a piece of music that sits in its own lane.

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Darlyn Vlys – Return From Delta EP is out now via TAU