As he continues to make striking waves within Electronic Music, Cyazon is no doubt gaining a reputation as an exciting innovator on the scene and one to watch out for as he continually emerges with a creativity unique in characteristic and unmissable in originality. Following collaborations with Artists like Becko and Tyler Graves, Cyazon’s release catalogue is no doubt impressive; consistently delivering hard-hitting music, he continues to showcase a signature sound unlike any other within the genre, standing out with a distinct and bold sonic identity.

Today, the talented Producer and DJ joins us in conversation, discussing his approach towards his creativity and the ways he continues to find inspiration and musical motivation.

Hi Cyazon, how are you?

Hi, doing good thank you!

To begin, what inspires you to create? 

I create to tell the stories I want to tell about my own life through music. I want the listeners to get inspired, comforted, or have them connect to my songs in a way that helps them through the stories I tell in my songs.

How do stay motivated to create? Do you ever struggle to get your creativity flowing?

Usually whenever I feel inspired to create, the motivation and drive to create comes naturally. There are times when I’m creating music where the creativity is just not flowing for a particular song. In that case, I stop and come back another day.

Do you ever find creative motivation outside of music, such as from movies or paintings?

I find a lot of creative motivation from movies. A lot of what inspired my brand as an artist is futuristic movies like Bladerunner 2049 that have multiple themes going on within the movie. Usually, these themes and stories the movies tell are where I draw my inspiration from creatively.

How do you get inspired? Do you look for inspiration when creating or is it more of a natural process?

Inspiration comes naturally to me. Usually when I’m creating, a story or something is going on in my personal life that I want to tell. That is usually more than enough inspiration to go off of when I start creating.

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What tips and tricks would you give to someone struggling to be creative in an original and unique way?

Some helpful tips that could help are to find movies, TV shows, or books that inspire you and use them to be creative. You can also use something going on in your personal life to tell your unique story to be creative.

Are there any other creative activities that you enjoy doing outside of music?

Sometimes I like to storyboard music videos or content video ideas for myself as an artist. They are more like actual movie scenes with acting. That’s about the only other thing creatively I do outside of music.

What do you do to wind down after creating?

Either listen to nice meditative music, go for a walk outside, or lay down on the sofa or bed and relax.

What about your music production space makes you feel inspired to create?

There’s really not too much going on in my music production space, but I should decorate it a bit more. I have some colored LED lights that help with the mood, and I like to put on a dark red color, which helps me feel relaxed. I also have a vision board in front of me on my desk of desires/goals so that inspires me too.

What was the last thing that inspired you?

I was recently inspired when I received rough vocals from a vocalist I’m working with. I really connected with the lyrics and her vocal performance.

As we end our interview with Cyazon, we thank him for taking the time to speak with us and sharing a look into his creative process. No doubt sure to continue on his current path, teaming up with other gifted Artists and evolving his already captivating signature sound, we are sure the next chapter in Cyazon’s musical journey will remain just as thrilling. So, make sure to keep an eye on him by following Cyazon across social media.

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