Hailing from Athens & based out of Stockholm, Anto has been producing music since the late 90’s & in 2007 and he also won Pete Tong’s prestigious Bedroom Bedlam competition – with his track ‘Wonderful Strings’.

Anto has been releasing on his own label imprint Anto Recordings – receiving support from the likes of Shiba San, Utah Saints, Tocadisco, Robbie Rivera, Mason, Crystal Method & many more.

Anto newest work, was recently released and it comes as a mean and heavy techno acid masterpiece called “Circuits”, released on Anto Recordings! The track has a great deal of dark and also mean vibes with it’s main acid melody, but at the same time manages to stay cohesive and have a powerful unique atmosphere attached to it. The transitions between sections are smooth and give the track an excellent flow, thanks to the great filtering and sweeps used by the producer. 

“Circuits”’s appeal stretches far beyond the dancefloor, it goes into the furthest corner of your mind and it stays there, that’s how addictive it is.

Check it out bellow and let us know what you think:

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