Castor & Pollux keep raising the bar within the realm of Electronic Music, continually striking back with unmissable productions and delivering DJing performances unforgettable in energy and sound. Having had the support from top industry names like Hardwell, W&W, and Blasterjaxx, and many of their releases reaching top 20 positions on Beatport’s EDM / Mainstage Charts, there is no denying the impact this powerhouse duo continues to have on the landscape of Electronic Music. So, as their reputation keeps growing, we’re looking forward to sitting down with the talented duo today to talk about their creativity, looking behind the inspirations and motivations that continue to guide their productions.

Hi Castor & Pollux, how are you guys?

We’re doing well. Thanks for having us!

Firstly, what inspires your creativity the most?

What inspires us the most creatively are the places we travel to, the people we meet and watching other live sets to help us come up with new ideas.

How would you say your individual inspirations align?

Our individual inspirations align very clearly with each other as that is a big reason why we have had a lot of success over the last few years.

Do you find that you have to be in a studio to feel inspired to create?

Not necessarily but being at our home studio seems to give us more clarity in our work with no distractions.

Do you have any routines or methods for getting your creativity flowing?

We don’t have many routines, but our system is working on music from Sunday to Thursday to get down ideas and finish them for pitching purposes.

What do you do when you’re struggling to create? How do you remain motivated to complete a production?

When we’re struggling to create, we will usually give our ears a break from working on music but what really keeps us motivated is seeing the bigger acts play major festivals and how the crowd reacts to their music to then put that energy into our own productions.

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Do you ever find inspiration from any other creative sources outside of music, like movies or art?

Yes, art is a big inspiration for our music as well as finding ways to put what we see in art into our visuals for our shows.

What do you do to relax after a long day in the studio?

We relax by listening to music, going to the gym or just having fun with friends.

Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping motivated? What words of wisdom would you give to a budding Producer struggling to get into the creative mindset?

Tricks to stay motivated – always work on your own time and never feel like you have to work so many hours in a day. Just take it one day at a time. Words of wisdom we would give, take every session as practice to get better and build your skills. Not every session has to be where you’re making an entire track.

Lastly, what was the last thing that inspired one of your tracks?

The last thing that inspired one of our tracks was when we attended ADE. Attending the conference has really inspired us to create tracks for 2024.

As their future continues to shine bright, we cannot wait to keep following Castor & Pollux along as they drop new music for fans to enjoy and deliver even more powerful performances. So, as we close out this interview, we thank the duo for taking the time to speak with us and eagerly encourage you to keep an eye on them by following them across social media.

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