After hitting it hard alongside Danish hit producer HEDEGAARD with smashes like “Jumanji,” “All Designer” and “NYC BABY,” it’s time for a strong dose of solo action by US/Danish rapper CANCUN? in the shape of new single “Bottle Of Bubbly.” Employing his deep vocals and dark, futuristic vibes to the fullest, he breaks out thrilling bass chords and moody hip hop beats to accompany a series of raunchy lyrics, all boiling down to a catchy chorus of ‘bottle of bubbly’. A truly addictive tune, perfectly showcasing all CANCUN?’s prime assets, out now on OneHundred

CANCUN? had his musical upbringing in the Bronx, where soul, hip-hop, poetry and his Afro- Caribbean roots all left a significant impact on his interest in and perspective on music. Today, he lives in Denmark, where he established a strong presence on the electronic music scene with his unique vocal style and creativity. In recent years, CANCUN? wrote hit songs for several Danish artists, and successfully teamed up with Danish DJ/producer HEDEGAARD. Together, they caught momentum in several countries, including #1 on the QQ Music EDM Chart in China with “All Designer” and “BEIJING BABY” (a localized version of “NYC BABY”), while racking up millions of streams with other tunes as well, including singles “Jumanji,” “JEEP” and “NYC BABY,” the debut release on HEDEGAARD’s brand new label OneHundred.

Now, the NY born artist is back on solo duty, opening his “Bottle Of Bubbly” on a wave of ominous hip hop beats and rousing vocals. In a mood that aptly underscores the famed ‘car music’ vibe the OneHundred label is all about, CANCUN? lets his lyrics flow throughout a tight minimal groove, spiced up by sweeping strings and a too-cool-for-school wobbly bass line. It’s obvious the vocalist is totally at ease in this vibe, unleashing some razor sharp lyrics elaborating on his night time adventures, looking for trouble, chasing tale every chance he gets. Sure, there’s some bragging and boasting going on here, but CANCUN? knows how to deliver it in the most charming and infectious style. Especially when he drops into the ‘bottle of bubbly’ chorus, replicating the words in his characteristic deep manner, you know the club floor will be bouncing on its foundations.

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This is CANCUN? at his best; freestyling, inventive, looking for those raw edges that will take a song next level. “Bottle Of Bubbly” has got it all, making it the perfect addition to OneHundred’s already impressive output. Definitely a reason to celebrate, bring out the bubbles!

“This record came together organically from a night in the studio with the label team guys. I am notorious for bringing champagne into night time studio sessions, so as I was pouring champagne one of us said ‘bottle of bubbly’ and I was like: damn right . A few minutes later I just started playing with the way ‘bottle of bubbly’ sounded, saying it several times over and over. It’s a tongue twister that is somehow satisfying to the ear.” – CANCUN?