Straight from Germany, we present you today a very promising talent Brownie and his newest vocal progressive house gem called “Weight Of The World“!

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the middle of the crowd on the mainstage of a big festival. If your imagination can’t transport you to that setting, this track certainly will. The anthemic aura of “Weight Of The World” provokes almost a sonic illusion of being on the dancefloor, feeling the wind that the speakers spew out when they reach their limit. ‘I just don’t want this feeling to end’ is a heartfelt wish brought about by a dense, whispering vocal, more divine than human.


The soundscape is beautifully crafted, displaying soaring synths that take you into progressive heaven and melodic breakdowns that ensure a delicate but lively rhythm right to the end. It’s almost impossible not to create an intimate and strong connection with this track, that seems to hit you directly in your deepest feelings.

Is it a smash hit? Check it out by pressing play and make sure to keep an eye on Brownie, because i am 100% sure that we will keep delivering banger after banger !

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