US finest Breathe Carolina enters 2023 with a radiant pop tune, joining forces with popular Stockholm duo ManyFew for new single “Dancing In The Dark.” Floating on exhilarating power vocals, the song explodes on waves of rhythmic piano chords, sultry beats and warm melodics, making it the dreamed anthem for this year’s summer nights. For now, you can already warm yourself to this vibrant piece of songwriting, as this prolific teamup goes “Dancing In The Dark” on Spinnin’ Records.

For over a decade, LA-based duo Breathe Carolina counts as one of dance music’s most inventive tastemakers. Blurring the lines between straight forward pop music and overwhelming festival tunes, they’ve dropped countless classics since the early 10’s, including “Blackout,” “Rhythm Is A Dancer,” “Sweet Dreams” and “Too Good,” the latter featured on their widely acclaimed 2019 fifth album DEADTHEALBUM.

More recently, the guys continued to break boundaries with popular singles, from 2021’s  Raven & Kreyn hit collab “Vibes” to last year’s smash “Something”, a highly successful teamup with Martin Garrix.  

Entering 2023 with a fresh gust of energy, Breathe Carolina now joins forces with Stockholm-based duo ManyFew, known for its distinct blend of house and disco on iconic labels such as Axtone, Selected, Spinnin’ Records, Perfect Havoc and Musical Freedom. 

The guys have been coming on strong, dropping festival favorites from 2018’s “How Would You Know” to 2021’s “Out Of My Head” (alongside Jack Wins) and last year’s remix of Ian Carey’s “Keep On Rising” (alongside Joe Stone) and their hit tune “These Are The Days.”

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“Dancing In The Dark” sees both acts further explore their pop aspirations. Built upon warm vocals and subtle yet pressing percussion, the song gains momentum as mesmerizing synths and powerful piano chords guide you towards the chorus. Right there, you’ll hear the vocals reach a joyful high, followed by a heavenly drop, featuring sweet melodics and swirling synth pads.

Consider it an instant classic that’s bound to provide goosebumps throughout the year. ManyFew already mentioned “Dancing In The Dark” as a tune that ‘gets us in a euphoric mood’, aptly adding it ‘gives us a summer feel that makes us wanna dance.

Actually, it’s all you need to know, cause both acts deliver this euphoria with some delicately crafted sound design. Breathe Carolina and ManyFew bring all their studio expertise to this gem, making sure you’ll be dancing in the dark with them – be sure to join them there.