Presenting one of his most tantalizing tunes to date, Dutch deep house maestro Bolier has revamped the famous Depeche Mode lyrics from 1987 song “Never Let Me Down Again” into a stunning new tune. In this fresh guise, the original’s ominous vocals are taken into a mesmerizing atmosphere, accompanied by a smooth house groove in Bolier’s signature production style. Effectively, the Dutch DJ/producer blends nostalgic elements with infectious melodies and contemporary sounds, making “Best Friend (Never Let Me Down)” one of those gems that will highlight the year on both dance floor and any given chill moment – out now on Spinnin’ Records.

Bolier knows his way around classics. Having built a steady resume for over a decade, the Dutch artist has explored several musical paths, reaching international acclaim with his skillfully produced deep house records. 

From his 2014 hit “Sunshine,” a collaboration with Dutch duo Redondo, to 2015’s “Every Single Piece” featuring US indie band She Keeps Bees, and 2016’s “Is This Love,” an official rework of the eponymous Bob Marley song (alongside LVNDSCAPE), Bolier proved a craftsman when it comes to producing timeless hooks and unforgettable melodies, accumulating hundreds of millions of streams across music portals throughout the years.

More recently, Bolier kept fueling the clubs with inventive new songs through his own FRCST label, providing him with room to explore several vibes, from catchy vocal house to sturdy tech vibes.

“Best Friend (Never Let Me Down)” sees him return to trusted partner Spinnin’ Records, bringing a classic 80’s pop song back to life in his own renowned production style. 

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Inspired by the recent TV series The Last Of Us, which features a contemplative cover of the famous Depeche Mode song “Never Let Me Down Again,” the Dutch producer was eager to produce his own version, once again twisting the lyrics to create something completely new.

In this case, the vocals are embedded in a sultry deep house groove, brought to life with subtle percussion and gentle harp melodics, providing the song with a warm, exotic mood. As the soft spoken lyrics evolve into this meticulously crafted soundscape, the effect is hypnotizing, making it an exquisite relax tune, while a continuous beat keeps things moving – and fit for any club performance. Once again, Bolier showcases his expertise in bringing a classic tune back to life, while maintaining his own unique perspective on contemporary electronic music. “Best Friend (Never Let Me Down)” takes him further down that path, unleashing one of the most infective and touching songs you’ll hear this year. If anything, this tune proves a best friend to last forever.