Globally acclaimed duo Blasterjaxx calls the crowd to action, as it teams up with GISHIN and The Way for the blazing EDM tune “Warriors.” Set out to become an anthem that will ignite, unite and motivate the festival crowds, this song perfectly blends raving triplets, daring big room synths and mystic storytelling into one dynamic rollercoaster ride. Nothing but peaktime madness heading your way when these “Warriors” arrive, join the scuffle as it’s out now on Maxximize Records.

Blasterjaxx has a name to uphold when it comes to strong, energetic tracks, featuring epic melodies, huge drops and touching vocals. They’ve built a world of their own, blending genres like big room, vocal house and progressive, including loads of highly praised anthems as well as inventing deeper, mystic themed storylines and entertaining their audience with creative and funny posts on Instagram and TikTok. 

Following years of highly acclaimed milestones, last year saw the Dutch duo deliver a fresh series of hit records, from the sun drenched “Summer Jams” (with Henri PFR and Jay Mason) to the raving hard “Wasabi” (with Da Tweekaz and Maikki), their global festival hit “Hurricane,” a collab with Prezioso and LIZOT, and their recent teamup with Armin van Buuren on the widely popular 2023 tune “La Bomba.”  Now, as the guys are still sizzling on their recent collab with 3 Are Legend (aka Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike x Steve Aoki) on festival smash “Nasty,” the Blasterjaxx duo embarks on a brand new adventure alongside hot Asian act GISHIN, known for a series of creative releases on labels like Dharma, Monstercat and Barong Family.

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Together with mysterious new act The Way, these artists have crafted something spectacular. In their own words, ‘ “Warriors” delivers an adrenaline-pumping EDM anthem that will ignite dancefloors and festival stages worldwide.’ It’s a dashing song that evolves from their mystic production style, showcasing a thrilling, almost cinematic sound design before soaring vocals guide you towards a blazing big room climax. It’s the combination between these rumbling triplet beats and the compelling vocal lines that works the magic. “Warriors” carries empowering lyrics, shaped into an uplifting message that encourages everyone to rise up, unite, and embrace their inner warriors. It’s a call to action that inspires and motivates, creating a connection with the audience.

The music emphasizes this feeling on a grand scale, dropping hard into heavy beats and massive synth chords, piercing their way to the crowd on a relentless level. When the song finally breaks down into a collective vocal chant, you can expect sheer madness on the field – this is EDM going into full beast mode. Blasterjaxx x GISHIN x The Way leave no doubt about their intentions with this tune. As electronic music has proven its ability to unite people throughout the years, “Warriors” goes for this mass enchantment with a brand new anthem. We’re all warriors here, joined together by the beat and our love for raving sounds – making this song the strongest festival experience of the year.