Delivering a mindblowing cut of festival madness, globally acclaimed duo Blasterjaxx joins forces with US brothers BEAUZ for the raving new single “Out The Sky.” It’s a record not to be taken lightly, serving up raw triplet beats, mesmerizing vocals and a breathtaking drop leading you straight to big room heaven. Never shy to explore familiar genres, both acts mix it all up here, resulting in rollercoaster ride of rumbling rhythms and punchy synths – a peaktime monster coming right “Out The Sky,” now on Maxximize. 

Always on the move, Blasterjaxx is renowned for its strong, energetic tracks, featuring epic melodies, huge drops and touching vocals. They’ve built a world of their own, blending genres like big room, vocal house and progressive, including loads of highly praised festival anthems as well as inventing deeper, mystic themed storylines.

Earlier this year, they successfully teamed up with Prezioso and LIZOT for the overwhelming “Hurricane,” a festival highlight that emphasized once again how the Dutch duo continues to revamp its sound with every release.

With “Out The Sky” the guys make another surprising move, undertaking a collab with genre-bending US duo BEAUZ. Making moves since the late 10’s, these brothers have already wowed the international dance crowd with popular releases on labels like Spinnin’ Asia, Armada and Monstercat, where they dropped 2020 highlight “Outerspace.” Smoothly moving between dance, psypop and Asian influences, BEAUZ by now has the reputation to become major influencers of future electronic music

“Out The Sky” brings it all together. Building on jumpy bass chords and lively vocals, the record quickly bursts out with sturdy triplet beats, delivering a catchy singalong chorus – nicely blending oldschool rave rhythms with uplifting pop. This collab has more up its sleeve, though, as a subtle breakdown builds up towards a rough big room drop, bursting out with raw, punchy synth chords.

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By then, the dance floor has gone well out of its roof. Blasterjaxx and BEAUZ leave the crowd breathless, as they mix proven oldschool sounds with strong hooks and contemporary electronic sounds. “Out The Sky” sets the tone, peaktime DJ weapon as it is, marked for mainstage action the rest of the year.