Reliving a proven success story, acclaimed DJ/producer Bingo Players has teamed up again with San Francisco maestro Goshfather for the lively new single “Be Mine.” Similar to their 2018 smash “Everybody,” this tune brings a fresh disco infused groove, setting off with dazzling chords and captivating vocals, ready-made for all the sun drenched festival meadows it’s destined to feature. Let the good times roll, and “Be Mine” now at Hysteria Records.

“It was really great collaborating with Goshfather on “Be Mine.” We both love to dig for obscure samples so that’s something we bond over and work into our collaborations.” – Bingo Players

Bingo Players knows his way around house music, having delivered an almost legendary series of hit tunes, from 2012’s claim to fame “Get Up (Rattle)” to 2016’s “Cry (Just A Little),” 2020’s “Devotion” and last year’s mesmerizing Zookëper collab “Bathroom Line.”  Smoothly shifting his sound between radiant (deep) house, progressive and melodic, upbeat grooves, Bingo Players has managed to stay ahead of the curve in an ever changing musical landscape. Joining forces with Goshfather in 2018 on hit single “Everybody” emphasized this foresight, seeing him deliver a vivacious disco sound together with a still up-and-coming DJ/producer.

In time, Goshfather created a world of his own, mixing fresh dance grooves with oldschool disco and house vibes. His so-called glam house sound led to critical acclaim, caused by several hit tunes, like 2015’s claim-to-fame “Crush” and 2018’s “For Real” (alongside Zookëper) and “Crazy” (feat. Catalyst).

Now, both artists spark up new energy as they unleash the undeniable party tune “Be Mine.” It’s an instant crowdpleaser, letting joyous chords break through the clouds, brought alive by luminous vocals and tantalizing breakbeats – nicely blending classic house sounds with contemporary pop. 

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Following a euphoric crescendo, the beat drops hard into bouncy chords and sweet filtered effects, drawing the melody and vocals into the mix. Such a feelgood moment, underscored when those ecstatic lyrics are unleashed again – marking the magic between Bingo Players and Goshfather is stronger than ever. “Be Mine” is their gift to 2023’s festival season. An uplifting track in every sense, taking both artists’ characteristic production sound to new heights, as they fuse disco, house and pop into a ray of dance exultation. Get a touch of it, and you’ll be their’s forever.