Paying a dynamic homage to one of Joe Stone’s most popular club tunes, fellow Dutch dance Beatfreakz releases its own fired up version of “Nothing Else (When I Think Of You).” Similar to the 2019 original, the song still leans on vintage house beats and blissful lyrics from the eponymous Janet Jackson hit, this time unleashing a pitched up groove and bouncy bass chords to accompany those ever infectious melodics. It’s a proven crowdpleaser, reshaped into a lively Beatfreakz guise, ready for the floor, now on Spinnin’ Records.

Already known for an impressive string of hits, featuring vintage R&B licks and lively 90’s house vibes, Joe Stone made himself immortal in 2019 with the release of “Nothing Else (When I Think Of You).” Combining a strong pop hook from the 80’s with his trademark production sound, the tune got picked up all over the globe. From widespread DJ support to key radio and streaming playlists, the song sparked excitement everywhere, still getting played today, while counting merely 15 million streams on Spotify alone.

Leave it to Beatfreakz to revive such a modern day club classic. Originally a short lived yet highly effective gathering in the early zeroes, the trio delivered several club tunes for the still burgeoning Spinnin’ label in the 00’s, including a high NRG version of “P.Y.T.,” inventively sampling the Michael Jackson original.  This led to the guys’ biggest hit in 2006, as they released “Somebody’s Watching Me,” sampling Michael Jackson again, this time using his lyrics from the eponymous 80’s hit by Rockwell. The single led to extensive airplay across Europe, was licensed to several dance compilations, in effect turning into a club classic still played to this day.

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Recently, Beatfreakz made an impressive comeback, releasing the powerful new single “Crazy Over You” earlier this year, promising more fresh sounds soon. As you might expect, the guys were eager to get their hands on this Joe Stone tune, this time working their magic on some of Janet Jackson’s most famous lyrics. 

“Nothing Else (When I Think Of You)” is the dreamed result, building on those exciting Joe Stone rhythmics, while pitching them up with some feverish beats and a cool, crystal clear production. Creating tension with subtle strings and upwinding drum rolls, the beat is dropped on a wave of bouncy bass chords, emphasizing that well known Beatfreakz energy from back in the 00’s club days. In effect, you’ll get multiple doses of pop and dance nostalgia, taken to new heights in this heated up 2023 sound, courtesy of Beatfreakz, the seasoned dance act that knows how to best serve up a blast from the past.