Straight from Netherlands, we bring you today Aresta, a young and promising producer with a bright future in front of him. Aresta has taken the time to take his productions to a higher level and also found out what he wants to produce, what fits him and how to put his emotion into music. 

His latest release is called “Drums” and it was released on Ensis Records. As the song name is suggesting, “Drums” main attraction is the heavy and punchy groove line, perfectly completed by a hard hitting bass line, all of them designed to blow up the speakers. It is clear from the start that Aresta released “Drums” with one goal in mind, to get masses of people dancing and moving, no matter where they are, clubs, festivals or parties.

As the track builds, the synths and leads ebb and flow, allowing for moments of mild peace for fans on the break part to catch their breath before the full power of the drop returns, hitting you with a huge blast of energy right in the chest ! Yes baby, this is “Drums”!

Listen it bellow and if you like it as we do, add it to your personal playlist:


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