Musca – the breathtaking new single from German live act and vocal electronica outfit Ameli Paul – is released today, October 14, via independent Berlin-based imprint MEIOSIS.

Dropping alongside an emphatic remix from burgeoning German producer Yubik, Musca is the first official single to be lifted from Ameli Paul’s forthcoming debut album, Echoes of Memoria, which will be released in November.

Returning to MEIOSIS with a renewed sense of vigor following their critically acclaimed Beyond Reason EP back in 2021, Ameli Paul’s opening album single Musca sees the in-form duo deliver one of their most rousing records to date, as they demonstrate some incredible song-writing credentials on yet another poignant vocal cut. Composed through an introspective lens, Ameli and Paul combine their unique melodic hallmark with moments of contemplative anguish, to deliver a record that combines a driving breakbeat with a shuffled synth line and Ameli’s catchy vocals. Rising and falling with deliberate intention, the single is brought to a series of powerful peaks as Ameli Paul conjure a sonic performance that strikes a unique balance between wistful despondency and intense ecstasy.

Ameli Paul

The flip sees the introduction of highly regarded Munich-based producer Yubik, whose chugging, dancefloor-ready remix marks another immaculate representation of his continued success and flourishing authenticity. Landing on MEISOS for the first time armed with a catalog of standout career releases on the likes of Afterlife, TAU, Oddity and Radikon (amongst others), Yubik’s uniquely underground treatment of Ameli’s vocals takes the original into an altogether different realm as he digs deep into his locker to close out the EP in resounding fashion.

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Behind Musca, Ameli and Paul recite the story of their separation a year ago:


“We found ourselves in a situation where the good memories and feelings were still there, but the glowing had left. It was autumn, we sat in a room next to the studio where we recorded the last bits of our album, tired flies (muscas) collectively met at the window to spend the last hours of their lives together. We somehow recognized ourselves in that picture and wrote the lyrics without yet knowing the definite outcome of our relationship at that time. So ‘Musca’ was a certain form of foreboding.”