Following the success of his recent hit ‘Stay’, which recently exceeded 1 million streams on Spotify, Alber-K returns with a new single titled ‘Imperfect the Same’. This release sees the talented Belgian artist collaborating with vocalist Nino Lucarelli, further solidifying his reputation for producing standout tracks.

At just 28, Alber-K has quickly made a name for himself in the Belgian electronic dance music scene. Known for his innovative style and deep passion for dance music, he has been dubbed a “musical prodigy” by industry experts. Starting his musical journey at the age of 15, Alber-K‘s experience and keen understanding of the music landscape shine through in his latest work.

‘Imperfect the Same’ is the first time Alber-K has teamed up with Nino Lucarelli, and the result is nothing short of impressive. Lucarelli, who has collaborated with notable artists such as KAAZE, Burak Yeter, Dubvision, and Raiden, brings his exceptional vocal talent and meaningful lyrics to the track, perfectly complementing Alber-K‘s instrumental production.

“I like lyrics that call for happiness, that generate a positive feeling. My dearest wish behind this track is that the people who listen to it have a great summer,” Alber-K  commented.The single features a harmonious blend of organic and electronic elements, a hallmark of Alber-K‘s style. With catchy guitar riffs, a melodic violin, and infectious basslines, the song creates a lively groove that’s perfect for summer. ‘Imperfect the Same’ is poised to be a summer favorite, resonating with fans and new listeners alike.

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