3legant is expanding his horizons with intrinsic new release “Do You Feel”, a meticulous melodic number, combining subtle techno rhythms, lush progressive melodies and the serene vocal talentsIrresistibly juxtaposing those soaring vocals with an intricately deep bassline, “Do You Feel” is sure to keep listeners coming back for more, as the track sends the listener into a sublime and addictive dreamy state.

The introductory lead synth floats over the rhythmic elements offering contrast from the machine-like drums with a loose and free flowing melody that slides up and down in a form that blends the freedom of an electric guitar solo into synthesizer form. Angelic vocal padded chords drive the melodic signature of the production offering an ethereal backdrop which dictates the direction of the ever-changing lead synths. The breakdown opens up the filters and decays on the leads for a driven and gradually intensifying crescendo of energy before snapping back into action with an abrupt blast of white noise and bass. The production throws between reflective melodic moments of bliss and more menacing dancefloor-orientated segments coming together for a contrasting and memorable meditation.

Overall, this is a top notch release, but don’t take my word for it, just press play and stream it bellow:

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