Make way for a fresh wave of Puri on the beat, as the Dutch DJ/producer lends his acclaimed moombahton sound to the silky pop tune “It Ain’t Over,” teaming up with none other than world famed Norwegian pop duo Nico & Vinz. Together, the musical maestros deliver magic; dropping smooth hooks and sultry vocals, dreaming up passionate summer nights and never ending love. Let the romance unfold, now at Spinnin’ Records.

Puri’s got the secret sauce for worldwide hits. After setting the music industry ablaze in 2017 with his swerve-inducing, double platinum certified “Coño,” he continued to fuel dance floors with his trademark blend of hip hop, moombahton beats and a wide range of exotic influences, including popular tunes like “Palo,” “Cola” and his participation in 2019 hit “Naagin,” taking him back to his Indian heritage.

Striking up a collab with famous Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz marks another milestone. Enjoying worldwide success with their 2013 debut single “Am I Wrong,” which graced charts around the world, Nico & Vinz continued to put out hit after hit, including the dramatic ballad “In Your Arms” and 2015’s smash “That’s How You Know,” featuring Kid Ink & Bebe Rexha.

“It Ain’t Over” brings out the best of both acts. Puri knows how to lay down a steamy groove, subtle yet perfectly on point to accompany Nico & Vinz’ sultry vocals. While their lyrics express the efforts you have to make for love, Puri adds beautiful chords to the mix, slowly unfolding itself as a mid-tempo romance, to be enjoyed by lovers on a midnight dance floor.

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In the meantime, Nico & Vinz showcase their incredible vocal presence once again. Gently moving on that swinging groove, they take the track to a dreamlike chorus, letting their pop prominence melt together with Puri’s velvety beats. 

It’s where the song turns to magic; two distinct acts crossing their own sounds to create something equal parts fresh and spicy.. Hot stuff, for sure, bound to soundtrack some of your most passionate summer nights this year.