Few pop vocalists in the music game have challenged the gods of electronic music and
successfully crossed over. We live in the world of black and white, but LE’MONA was
able to challenge our minds with a creative bled of electing sounds, infused with a
powerful vocal message of love and passion.

With the cultural blend of emotions LE’MONA provides a solid stamp of approval that she is here to stay and continue spreading her Ukrainian roots, infused with her new journey in the music Mecca of the world, Los Angeles. Let’s get prepared for the summer, as we let our minds escape into a beautiful fairy tale in “Don’t You”.


This beautifully crafted piece of art has more than one journey within its musical context.
We start off with a silky vocal and an ambient sound of something mesmerizing. As the music keeps on building, so does our imagination and our curiosity is now on full overdrive! As the chorus roars through the finally and our musical addiction takes us to the pinnacle, the luscious pads remind us of a story once seen only in a dream. “Don’t You” is a reminder that we can still love, and be loved. We can still have dreams and be dreamers. as we let our minds escape into a beautiful fairy tale in “Don’t You”.

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