Composer/Producer Danny Olson has embarked on a new musical journey that will take you right into his own emotional processing of the biggest tragedy of his life. Last year his dad suddenly passed away, throwing Danny into a whirlwind of emotion as he navigates the complex grief process with all its ups and downs even to this day.

With the help of esteemed Canadian label Seeking Blue, Danny Olson begins his story with “Waking Up” which features New York vocalist Becca Krueger. Together they expose the surprising moments of relief that come during times of sorrow. These inspirational moments are highlighted in grand fashion with a soaring anthem that truly embodies these profound moments with its larger-than-life sound.

Danny’s cinematic side shines with bright brass work and sensational synths that drive home the cathartic emotions. Becca’s performance is a frisson-inducing expression that feels just as large as Olson’s production, taking this original to the next level.

“Waking Up” is just the beginning; the first step toward Firelight

“In the beginning, shortly after my Dad died, I found myself experiencing brief periods of relief from the almost constant sadness.  These moments felt like I was waking up out of a bad dream.  Positivity, inspiration, and a feeling of it all being okay would shine through.  The grieving process, I learned early on, is not linear.  Acceptance and ‘waking up’ from the nightmare can happen randomly, at different times, and for different amounts of time, just as an EP about grief can have a transcendent, euphoric first chapter.  What comes after that, though, is a mystery.”Danny Olson