Zight is a composer, songwriter & music producer from Hong Kong, with a massive talent and ambition, this is why i bet that we will hear more from him this year.

Teaming up with the Italian duo Maximals and Chris Willis on the vocals, his newest release comes in the shape of energetic dance/pop tune called “Work It Harder”. With positive and happy vibes, this tune will make the listener dance in no time and thanks to a great vocal story, the essence of this tune will be ingested by your hearts.


The track has a wide and warm appeal, completed by sweet but yet powerful vocals, perfecting the track further making it one to be played at everyone’s pre-parties and into the rest of the night. Zight and Maximals has struck the perfect balance of creating a dance track, but one that has soul and emotion stitched into the seams which are bursting with raw talent.


I have been a big fan of Chris Willis since I was a kid, listening to his songs with David Guetta like “Getting Over You” & “Love is Gone”. So when I finished the demo of “Work It Harder”, I boldly sent it to him on Instagram asking for collaboration. It was a dream-come-true moment when I received a “YES” from this childhood idol.” – Zight

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