Chico Rose and DAMANTE’s return to Spinnin’ Records on an epic odyssey through exhilarating drops and savory vocals.

Impressive and alluring, ‘SCARS’ brings DAMANTE’s signature sparkling energy and Chico Rose’s intriguingly gloomy atmospheres, two opposing angles that, when combined, fuze into a masterfully dark basement anthem destined for peak-time dancefloors.

About the release, Italian DJ-producer DAMANTE says,
“ I tried to find out a track that could be the prefect balance between a more tech house track for dancefloor and something you could listen on the radio as well, which is still one of the main key to understand the popularity of a mainstream dance track . I knew Chico and loved his sound and when he listened to the track he fell in love with it and we made it together as it is right now: a worldwide dancefloor banger!”