Brighton based duo JED & Elle drop their first collaborative single, ‘Tru Luv’. They combine engaging storytelling with a lively UKG instrumental and an infectious hook.

UK Garage has been on the cusp of returning to prominence for the past few years, with a few standout singles along the way. The Brighton based rapper, JED, is beginning to contribute to this new wave of the genre from a fresh perspective. ‘Tru Luv’ displays the young lyricist’s ability to detail a narrative with imagery, wordplay and funny bars.

JED & Elle

The buoyant and bouncy beat is produced by Jack Marlow, who’s worked with some major names in the industry including Blueface. JEDs energetic performance matches the vibrant instrumental, smoothly switching from flow to flow throughout and leading nicely to Elle’s soulful singing on the chorus’.

You can stream the track here:

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