Kevin Barrientos, aka STREETKEVN is an influential DJ/Producer. Born and raised in the suburbs of LA, Kevin was amused by the culture of hip hop, breakdancing, and djing. Over the last few years of experiencing various festivals and shows, his love for Music created an upward spiral which set in motion the formation of STREETKEVN. He offers a unique style of UKG/NEO-SOUL and Afro-Beats music; enabling individuals to escape their reality and engage in a stimulation of rhythm and sound.

STREETKEVN just released “La Cripta” on his new label imprint, Private Street Records. It features a distinct percussive groove, fusing both Caribbean and Latin sounds making it a perfect summer record.


Between the catchy vocoded vocal riffs and the simple yet groovy house drops, there’s nothing this track misses out on to be a true dancefloor banger of a tune. The drops are simple yet complex enough, layering diverse synths and fx to create excellent energy and variety while still being very catchy and groovy for the dancefloor. The whole tune feels very cohesive and has an excellent flow from start to finish, with a great selection of sounds and excellent transitions.

This could become one of the most addictive summer tunes in 2022 ! Check it out bellow: