Renowned DJ/producer Franky Rizardo has rejuvenated one of the world’s biggest dance hits straight into a brand new club anthem. Originally a 90’s hit by the legendary, fellow Dutch producer Jeroen Verheij aka Grooveyard, “Mary Go Wild” was an immediate milestone tune and has remained an all-time favorite until this day. This inspired new take sees Franky Rizardo rebuild the original from the ground up, adding a rugged club sound to the infamous beats, vocals, and melodies of the iconic original. Feel “Mary Go Wild” all over again, as she’s out via Spinnin’ Deep.

Known as one of Holland’s most popular club DJs, Franky Rizardo has built his reputation on funky house and uplifting beats, incorporating swerve-inducing percussion and shimmering vocals in his ever-rhythmic releases. This approach has resulted in club hit after club hit, with recent highlights including “Out The Fire (At The Hotel),” a collab with Ros T. Now, he’s up for a new challenge with his reimagining of Grooveyard’s infamous “Mary Go Wild.”

Released in 1996 by Grooveyard (a house pseudonym for Rotterdam techno producer Jeroen Verheij), “Mary Go Wild” emphasized the rise of house music among mainstream audiences, residing in the official pop charts for several weeks. This had everything to do with the track’s catchy lead melody and subtle vocals, making it attractive for a range of music lovers, while strong techno beats delivered the peak-hours energy – and its appeal for the true clubbing crowds.

Until this day, “Mary Go Wild” is being played at clubs and festivals all over the world, creating a tall order for anyone taking on remix duties. Franky Rizardo lives up to the challenge with ease, honoring the original’s vibe while adding fresh accents, new arrangements, and  crisp 2022 production technique to let “Mary Go Wild” all over again.

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Taking off with punchy techno beats and classic, open hi-hats, you’ll immediately feel the energy from back in the day. In this new guise, the vocal samples and lead melody slowly open themselves to dancefloor bliss. Finally the beat returns, letting you relive the raw excitement straight of the beloved 90’s. Franky Rizardo shows true expertise to maintain the character of this famous tune, while bringing it in a fresh, 21st century tech house take – exactly how you want your classics served.